r+k Consulting Engineers
  • Knowledge to tools

    r+k has specialised in the transformation of book-contained knowledge into directly applicable tools for technicians. (more…)

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  • Soil movements

    Part of the specialization of r+k is its ability to analyse pipelines in moving soil bodies (more…)

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    Pipeline through earthquake
  • Offshore pipelines

    r+k has longstanding experience with offshore pipelines, based on the experience with onland pipelines (more…)

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    Offshore pipelines
  • Offshore Brent field

    r+k Consulting Engineers designed many offshore pipeline structures for the Shell Brent field development (more…)

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    Brent platforms
  • Onland pipelines

    r+k Consulting Engineers is since 1965 specialized in the strength and stability design and analysis of onland pipe­­lines in soft soils Read More..

    Onland pipeline


At r+k Consulting Engineers, we are fascinated by pipelines since the founding in 1961. Especially their structural behaviour, strength and stability, degradation and failure modes and their effects. Or more general, the safety of the living and natural environment and the pipeline and workers around shall be safeguarded.

We have broad experience in many ways that have to do with pipelines, in the broadest sense of the word.

Following our fascination for pipelines, we try to figure out the nature of this phenomenon by building a computer tool to simulate and analyze pipeline behaviour. Our unique and user-friendly Ple4Win tool for pipeline analysis has been refined and adapted in the wake of new developments and requirements for over fifty years now. Our sister company Expert Design Systems (EDS) licenses this same software suite to clients: Oil & Gas companies, governments and other pipeline engineering consultants.

In this way we make our contribution to society and run our business.