r+k Consulting Engineers

Software Development

Besides Ple4Win, r+k Consulting Engineers also has developed other tailor-made computer based solutions for dedicated areas of pipeline analysis. An example is an ongoing activity for Shell Global Solutions at Amsterdam, focusing on pipeline integrity. r+k Consulting Engineers offers software application development capabilities for other interested parties as well, with focus on pipeline-related issues. In this field a lot of expertise is available, based on 50 years of experience.

r+k Consulting Engineers has used its expertise especially to analyse requirements, to model physical effects, and to design and develop technical software. User-friendliness of the program’s user-interface has always been an important issue. Not only to easily support the acceptance of new users of a program, but also to make complex physical behaviour as easy as possible to understand for novice and expert users.

Our strength is the ‘translation’ from book-contained, pipeline related knowledge through program specifications to engineering computer tools, or “knowledge to tools“.