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Our software engineering team has developed a specialised computer tool, Ple4Win, for design of advanced pipe/soil structures and for strength, strain and stability analysis of the integrated pipe/soil behaviour of these pipelines. This software tool may be considered to be a world leading tool in its field, with the most advanced techniques contained to fulfill requirements of new Pipeline Codes and needs of the industry. Research on innovation of pipeline structures and building methods is also a strong point of Ple4Win.

We actively maintain, improve and expand this program. It is used in-house, but it is also available for third parties. The combination of development and own application in projects has been proven a fruitful concept. The program has been approved by Dutch authorities for pipeline designs that require certification under Dutch law. Shell Expro UK has approved the system as well for use on their offshore pipelines.

Basis of the program is an advanced pipe/soil interaction model. The program is independent of any Pipeline Code, but allows checking against multiple codes. As a result, we can use, (and have used), the program under various Code regimes, e.g. ASME B31 series, NEN 3650 series, EN 1594, BS 8010, DNV-OS-F101. The program is used under license a/o by Nederlandse Gasunie, DNV GL (former British Gas), Distrigas (predecessor of Fluxys), many engineering offices all over the world, Dutch municipalities and various certifying bodies.

Numerous pipeline designs have been made and analysed or modifications proposed to optimise the stress and stability behaviour of new or existing pipelines. Audits have been performed on designs made by colleagues or expert evidence or judgement has been given in arbitration.


A screenshot of the Ple4Win program

More information about the program, its capabilities and examples of pipeline projects can be found on a separate website dedicated to this tool: www.ple4win.com.