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Pipeline Integrity Assessment

Pipeline integrity is an ever expanding theme.

New pipelines and piping are continuously being added to the worldwide set. And for this vast set of pipelines and piping: the clock is ticking. Conditions are continuously changing and pipelines are susceptible to various types of threats. Generally, these threats are corrosion, geohazards, third party damage, design flaws and incorrect operations. Even though it might be safe to operate now, what about next year? How long can it stand the test of time? What is the remaining quality of a pipeline; in other words: what is the integrity of the pipeline?

Corroded Pipe

Ultimate pipeline corrosion

Key question of pipeline integrity is: Can we safely operate this pipeline?

Pipeline integrity example

Exposed crude oil pipeline

Our operations consulting team builds on many years of experience in the field of pipeline and piping integrity.

Coating Loss

Loss of weight coating on a offshore pipeline, from AFAA

The following keywords give an impression of the range of pipeline integrity services we offer:

  • Pipeline Data Management (PDM)
  • Defect Assessment
  • Corrosion Risk Assessment
  • IP-run Defect Matching
  • Failure Mode & Effect Analysis (FMEA)
  • Pipeline Integrity Assessment
  • Vibration Induced Fatigue & Integrity Assessment of process pipework