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Dike crossing (pipe material choice)

A raw-water pipeline has to cross a dike near Dordrecht, The Netherlands. This pipeline has a design service life of 50 years and during this time the soil will settle. The pipeline will undergo deformations and has to withstand these without losing its integrity. The first pipeline design consisted of a steel pipeline. Although this pipeline was strong and flexible enough, it was unclear if corrosion could be mastered. An alternative design, made of polyethylene, was proposed. Calculations on the pipeline model showed that a pipeline made from this material would be a good choice.

Key features of this project are:

  • Pipe dimensions (D x t): 609.6 mm x 12 mm and 630 mm x 57.2 mm
  • Pipe material: S235 steel and PE100 polyethylene.
  • Important loads: internal pressure: -0.8 and +0.8 barg, soil settlement and soil subsidence: 290 mm.
Pipeline dike crossing

Dike crossing: on the left (landside) the pipe is connected to a building.
Ground and water level are shown in red and blue. The original location of the pipeline is shown translucent, the pipeline after settlement is shown in gray.

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