r+k Consulting Engineers

Pipeline Engineering Consultancy

Our pipeline engineering consultancy team is specialised in modelling integrated pipe-soil structures, with special focus on the soft soils as they occur in many river delta areas. Holland, the western part of The Netherlands is such a river delta from the Rhine. In fact, Holland merely is a drained swamp. The pipe-soil structures are analysed to determine the level of stressing, straining, deformation and instability. The results are used to evaluate the pipeline in accordance with the applicable codes and to see if optimalisation of the pipeline design is possible. One may also perform a sensitivity analysis, in which a number of variables can be varied, in order to determine the sensitivity of the results to inaccuracies in input data. For examples, see below.

Furthermore, our consulting team can assist in technical cause finding for pipeline-related incidents and accidents. In several cases we have helped the Dutch Safety Board and the Dutch Ministry of Infrastructure & Environment. But also pipeline owners, for instance Shell, wanted to know which ship ‘that passed in the night’ could have broken one of their offshore pipelines with its anchor. From the deformation pattern the size of the ship could be determined and from recordings of ship movement the ship could be established.

r+k Consulting Engineers has contributed several times to arbitrations on pipeline related disputes, as expert witness as well as a member of an arbitral tribunal.

The team has long standing experience with different kind of pipeline materials (concrete, fibreglass reinforced composites, grey and nodular cast iron, polyethylene, polyvinyl chloride, steel), different soil types (ranging from soft (clay, peat) to stiff (hard sediments)), various methods of installation and different types of pipe joints and connections.

Our clients are pipeline owners, pipeline management organisations, contractors, polder- or river boards and colleague consultants.

For modelling and analysing pipelines we make use of the Ple4Win pipeline analysis program. The development team of this program is also part of r+k Consulting Engineers. In this way, knowledge and skills from the branch as a whole is used to solve complex pipe-soil problems and to further develop the Ple4Win program and the ways in which this program can be used.

Project examples

Below some projects are presented that have been analysed by our consulting team. For a wider range of application examples (including offshore projects), please see the application scope of Ple4Win.