The consulting engineer

The view of r+k Consulting Engineers on the profession of a consulting engineer led for instance in 1967 to US patent US 3354479 A, “Loading buoy having loading arms”, owned by Shell Oil Co, where the directors of r+k Consulting Engineers (previously Rutten en Kruisman, consulting engineers) are mentioned as inventors together with the Shell representatives. As consulting engineers, r+k Consulting Engineers tries to be as imaginative and innovative as our clients expect from us.

A social aspect of r+k Consulting Engineers is its involvement in the pipeline branch. We were co-founder of CIAD, an association focused on Computer applications in engineering, founder of the Genesis Society, an association focused on engineering computer systems, co-founder of the Dutch and Flemish Pipeline Industry Guild (BIG), founder of FACE, an international Federation of Associations on Computer applications in Engineering and architecture and initiator and administrator through the Pipeliner Foundation of the NVAO approved 3-years Master of Pipeline Technology course. All these non-commercial contributions to the pipeline branch led in 2011 to a personal award “Knight in the Order of Oranje Nassau” of the founder by Her Majesty Queen Beatrix.