Analytical and imaginative power

A typical example of a client that came to r+k Consulting Engineers because of its analytical and imaginative power is Gasunie.

Gasunie is a European gas infrastructure company based in The Netherlands. In 1964 Gasunie came to r+k Consulting Engineers because they were confronted with a serious situation. In the western part of The Netherlands (Holland), the newly designed gas network had to cross water retaining dams. But to get the required licenses, Gasunie had to prove that the pipelines could not harm these dams. The western part of The Netherlands is below sea level and in 1953 there had been a severe flooding with many casualties.
There existed, however, nowhere a method that could fulfil that requirement.

r+k Consulting Engineers was asked to analyse the problem and to design a suitable method to solve this problem. Based on this method and after approval of the accompanying tool by the water boards and ministry, building licenses were provided. The method became the basis for the strength and stability part of the Dutch Pipeline Code NEN 3650.