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Pipelines, they are everywhere

You can even state that the world cannot exist without that form of transport through pipes and tubes. Micro tubes such as the dendrites in the nervous system and blood vessels in mammals, humans included. Fish the same. Insects have their tracheae, plants their Xylem vessels. A hollow, round cross section is also a strong structural shape, e.g. bamboo. And finally people lay pipelines all over the world, thousands of kilometers, to convey gases and fluids, especially water, from one place to the other.


From: The Annals of Salt Law of Sichuan Province, China

The use of pipelines by mankind probably is just as old as humans themselves. And what is more natural than to use bamboo for such transport? From China it is known that around 5000 years BC at the city of Zygong in the province Sichuan, people drilled for salt and gas, even up to 100 m. depth, and the transport took place through bamboo pipes. Even today over 95 km of bamboo is still in use.