r+k Consulting Engineers

Offshore Brent field

r+k Consulting Engineers designed many offshore pipeline structures for the Shell Brent field development, including irregularities like anchor accidents, riser misfits and design alterations. Our involvement started with these four platforms:

Offshore Brent fields

Images of the first four Brent platforms (Alpha, Bravo, Charlie, Delta), taken from Subsea World News

r+k Consulting Engineers has done many projects on offshore pipelines, to start with the Brent oilfield development in the British sector of the North sea including the export pipeline to St. Fergus. Brent Oil Field

Other interesting offshore projects done by r+k Consulting Engineers:

    • Design and detailing of the Auk field ELSBM including its rescue due to a deviation from the design. The rescue was done by dewatering deep well pumps with a diameter of 80 mm.Auk Field ELSBM


    • Presweep design of the Solepitt pipeline.
      The original design was made by the contractor that resulted in about 54 subsea dune tops to be dredged. The analysis was done with a rigid bottom profile.
      r+k analyses were done with soft bottom profile and taking into account the backtension that resulted in no more than 10 tops to be dredged. A saving of many millions pounds.Subsea Dredging


    • Various flow line pull-in analyses for underwater completion manifolds and J-tube risers.J-tube riser


    • A number of analyses for floating drilling platforms (e.g. Staflo Torpedo, Seashell).

      Staflo Torpedo, floating drilling platform

      Staflo Torpedo, floating drilling platform


  • Bottom and surface pipeline and hose tow, many SBM alterations, pre-designs for a rotating Pier at the fjord at Risavika, for a floating 2,000,000 T/Y LNG plant with 20,000 m3 storage capacity including a bow loading facility, for a deep water Pedestal Conductor, and many more.Bottom Tow