r+k Consulting Engineers

Knowledge to tools

r+k has specialised in the transformation of book-contained knowledge into directly applicable tools for technicians. This has been done for a variety of clients, ranging from government to oil & gas companies to contractors.Technology To ToolsIf you look behind you, may be you look at a bookshelf with a lot of technical books, the contents of which you probably vaguely can remember. Maybe some of them you have not read at all. The knowledge contained is available, but not directly accessible.
r+k Consulting Engineers started using computers in 1964 and was surprised by the possibilities this new phenomenon potentially offered. This wondering never ended. Ever since, there exists a potential desire to exploit and use these potentials to interpret reality and to simulate it by means of models that are made accessible through computer techniques.

    • As such r+k Consulting Engineers designed for Nederlandse Gasunie a methodology to analyse the stress and strain behaviour of pipelines at the crossing of roads and dikes and for Shell UK Expro the behaviour of pipelines offshore. This finally resulted in r+k’s own development of the software suite Ple4Win.Dike Crossing


    • For the municipality of Rotterdam we developed a piling program to analyse the dynamic behaviour of piles during the piling process (HYPAL).HYPAL


    • For Shell Pernis refinery we developed the program HOSRE for the analysis of the behaviour of high rise chimneys.HOSRE


    • For Petroleum Development Oman (PDO) we developed a dedicated program to analyse oil transport pipelines in the desert, where deep loaders have to pass with heavy loads at locations without existing roads. Even mobile drilling rigs have to pass such pipelines. In case the pipeline cannot withstand the loads, a choice can be made from several solutions to improve the situation (ROADCROS).RoadCross


    • For Rijkswaterstaat a FEM program CONSOL had been developed to study the soil behaviour beneath the foundation of the Delta Work sluices at the Oosterschelde sea arm. The heavy pillars are founded directly on the prepared seabed. Not only the static deadweight load has to be carried, but also the dynamic loads from the waves hitting the gates between the pillars and the change in water pressures due to tidal changes. Afterwards, with help of Rijkswaterstaat a more general soil-based FEM program PLAXIS has been developed by Deltaris.CONSOL


    • For Rijkswaterstaat, North Sea Directorate, we designed and realised a dedicated program to determine the on-bottom stability of offshore pipelines. (OPS2D).OPS2D


    • For the Rijkswaterstaat project Vlake tunnel (Zeeland) we developed the DAWA program, based on the principals of the pipeline design program BELIPO (predecessor of Ple4Win). DAWA


    • For the BELIPO user group we developed the program COPISU to analyze and optimize the local stress behaviour of a pipeline at a rigid support, where the shape of the support, both in circumferential and axial direction, is the main parameter.
      For thin-walled low pressure pipelines it is not recommended to apply such rigid supports without a soft layer in between. The concentrated local ovalisation leads to high stresses at the circumferential edges of these supports, whereas in axial direction the ovalisation distribution shows an abrupt transition leading as well to local high stresses.COPISU


    • For a potable water company the WASLA program had been developed to analyze the dynamic behaviour of the medium in a large diameter cross country pipeline in case of closure of valves or sudden pump shutdown (water hammer).WASLA


    • For Shell Global Solutions we assist in the specification, creation and user support of Pipe-RBA (followed up by w-PIMS), a program for the integrity assessment of corroded pipelines, now and after a period of time.Corrosion


    • For Shell Global Solutions we assisted in the creation, specification and programming of Assess-Vessel, a program for the corrosion and hydrogen induced cracking (HIC) assessment of pressure vessels.HIC


  • For Shell Global Solutions we assist in the creation and specification of Pipework-LOF, a program for the determination of the Likelihood of Failure of plant piping due to vibrations. Assessments are done with help of this tool on behalf of Shell sites worldwide.Leaking Tee